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6 Common Misconceptions about Botox

There are many misconceptions about one of the most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatments, Botox. This article will address these misconceptions so you can make an informed decision about your next cosmetic treatment.

Botox is widely sought  after and is considered one of the most popular cosmetic treatments due to its stunning results. Because Botox is a household name, there are many rumors and misconceptions that should be debunked. Here are 6 common misconceptions about Botox:

1.  Botox has immediate results

  1. Despite this common misunderstanding, Botox does not provide results you can see as you walk out the door. You can begin to see subtle changes 3 to 5 days after the injection. As these gradual changes take place you will be able to see the full results after 7 to 10 days. The results appear as the Botox relaxes and limits movement of the muscles. In some cases it may take more than one injection to reach the fully relaxed result.

2.  Botox is permanent

  1. On the contrary, Botox usually lasts 3 to 6 months. Do not rely on Botox as a permanent solution to wrinkles and fine lines. The duration in which Botox lasts really depends on the patient and how many times they have received Botox injections.

3.  Botox leaves you looking stiff, expressionless, or frozen

  1. The frozen face misconception is propagated by pop culture and media to the point where it is often humorous. If you are turned off of Botox by this notion, think again! This negative result occurs when a doctor administers too many units or is not using the proper technique. This is why it is crucial to do your research and trust a board-certified doctor with your procedure. Botox should leave you looking rejuvenated and refreshed, not frozen and stiff.

4.  Botox is painful

  1. This one just simply is not true. Botox is a painless and safe procedure that will leave you looking and feeling young. Injections are also hardly noticeable at first due to the gradual changes, meaning getting Botox won’t leave you looking like a different person when you leave the doctors office. Botox should be stress and pain free.

5.  Botox is only for wrinkles

  1. Quite the opposite! Botox is being prescribed for migraines, excessive sweating, eye flickering and spasms and other therapeutic treatments. Some other less common cosmetic uses for Botox include lifting of the eyebrows, treating chin dimpling, softening a patient’s jawline, and raising the corners of the mouth. If you find yourself thinking about any of these treatments, Botox is a safe and easy way to meet your needs.

6.  Botox is unsafe

  1. Botox has been used for over 20 years and remains safe to this day. Botox is the purified protein version of the true Botulinum toxin- which is predominantly non-toxic. You would need hundreds more units of the toxin for it to cause any toxic results. The toxin is injected into the muscles to cause the desired relaxing effect, it is not absorbed in the bloodstream.

All-in-all Botox is a tried and true way to meet many cosmetic and therapeutic needs. Atlanta plastic surgeons at Perimeter Plastic Surgery are reliable and board-certified making your decision easy. Set up a consultation today!

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