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Becoming A Registered Nurse In The US: Check All Steps Here!

A career in healthcare is not just challenging, but intensely rewarding too. If you want to become a registered nurse in the US, you need to plan your career early on, and it takes time before you can start working. In this post, we are sharing all the relevant steps for becoming a registered nurse.

  • The first step is to choose a nursing program, and you will find many nursing schools in Nevada. There are two kinds of degrees that you can consider. The first one is an associate degree in nursing (duration – 2 years), and the second one is a bachelor’s degree in nursing (duration – 4 years). If you already have a bachelor’s degree in other allied field of science, accelerated programs are available for getting BSc in Nursing. Some healthcare facilities prefer a bachelor’s degree, but you can consider an associate degree too.

We strongly recommend that you select a known nursing school, and make sure that the nursing program is accredited. Details are available online, so this shouldn’t be a hard step, but is certainly an important one.

  • The next step is to complete clinical training. During your stint at the nursing school, you will have to complete clinic hours as a part of the coursework, and a certain number of hours must be completed. Note that clinical training hours may vary in every state.

  • The third step is to get the state license, for which an examination – National Certification Licensing Examination (NCLEX) – must be cleared. Please check the state requirements, which can be specific and different from one another. Only after the requirements are met, you can take NCLEX. For instance, a “Federal criminal background check” is a must. You have to clear NCLEX to get your license. There are review courses available, which can help you clear the exam.

Should you consider becoming a nurse?

If you want a job that pays well and offers incredible job security, nursing is just right for you. This is one sector that’s always in demand, and the pay is great in almost every state. For instance, in California, you can earn more than many other states as a registered nurse. Salary depends on many factors, including education, area of expertise, and overall experience, but you can only expect it to grow with time.

Final word

You can check online to find more on the best nursing schools, and before you decide to enroll, do your homework.

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