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Before You Opt for a Pre-filled Syringe – This Is What You Should Know

Do you know what a pre-filled syringe training device is? Why do you think the popularity of these syringes is on the rise? What are the advantages of using a pre-filled syringe? Do you know how to use these syringes correctly?

Pre-filled syringe

The popularity of pre-filled syringes is on the rise. The pre-filled syringe training device is custom-made to fit your brand’s specifications. It increases the confidence of the user and helps to reduce needle anxiety. The pre-filled syringes are a suitable drug-delivery system to administer vaccines, interferons, peptides, monoclonal antibodies, and ophthalmology. The use of injectable drugs has increased due to the rise of cancer and chronic diseases.

The pre-filled syringe training device is available in off-the-shelf programs or a standard platform program. The platform program benefits your brand in the following ways:

  • The development cost is low.
  • You can customize the device for branding purposes.
  • Speed to market.

Advantages of pre-filled syringes

  1. Easy to use. It requires a few administrative steps.
  2. The dose consistency and compliance of the patient are improved.
  3. It requires less overfill volume. It reduces wastage, reduces misuse of leftover products, and creates more sellable units.
  4. Increased degree of safety.

It is due to reduced:

  • Potential for contamination.
  • Dosing error.
  • Needlestick injuries.

Manufacturing challenges of pre-filled syringes

  1. Syringe barrels are coated with silicone. It ensures the glide force for the plunger is sufficient to deliver the drug easily. If protein is in this syringe, the silicone may leach into the product. Protein-based medicine can also extract contaminants from the rubber stopper of the pre-filled syringes. To tackle this problem, most syringe manufacturers have come up with new techniques for coating silicone. Also, Teflon which is less chemically reactive is used to replace rubber stoppers.
  2. Product shelf life and drug stability. The shelf life of a pre-filled syringe product is not more than two years. It is not logical economically since it may take at least six months before the product gets to the distribution chain.
  3. Concerns about the quality of glass and possible delamination. Delamination is a process where microscopic shards of glass are shed into the solution over time. Glass is being replaced with copolymers or cyclic olefin polymers. It is because:
  • They have low extractability.
  • Protein surface adsorption properties.

However, plastic pre-fills are costly.

How to use a pre-filled syringe

  • The needle cap is removed from the syringe carefully and discarded.
  • At the injection site, the skin is gently pinched and the needle inserted. Ensure you push the needle all the way in, to administer the medicine fully.
  • The syringe finger flange is held then the plunger is pressed slowly. The syringe is held in place for 5 seconds while the plunger is pressed fully.
  • Fully depress the plunger while you carefully pull out the needle from the injection site.
  • Release the plunger slowly. The exposed needle will be covered by the needle guard automatically. Press a cotton ball on the injection site if there is blood present.
  • Dispose of the used syringe in a sharps container.

Safety precautions

  • Avoid shaking the syringe.
  • It is not safe to use the medicine if the blister’s seal is broken.
  • Only open the outer box when you are ready to use the syringe.
  • Keep the syringe safe by ensuring it does not lie around because someone might tamper with it.
  • Before using the syringe, you should not touch the needle guard wings. It will activate the needle guard too early. After injection, the needle guard is activated to cover the needle.
  • Never reuse a syringe. Be sure to dispose of the used needle immediately into the sharps container.


The popularity of prefilled syringes is on the rise because of increased safety and ease of administration. These syringes are available in an off-the-shelf platform or standard platform programs. The platform program benefits your brand by allowing you to customize the pre-filled syringe training device according to your brand’s specifications. Pre-filled syringes are easy to use, require less overfill volume, increase the degree of safety, and improve the patient’s compliance and dose consistency. The manufacture of pre-filled syringes faces certain challenges. It is essential to know how to use a pre-filled syringe correctly. The safety precautions of using prefilled syringes should be adhered to at all times.

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