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Buy Weed from a Dispensary or Grow Your Own

Growing your weed or purchasing from a dispensary are the two significant ways to acquire weed legally. While some of the weed users swear by growing their own, others are pro buying from the stores.

This article looks into the benefits of using either of the options. It then gives a verdict on the best option to use.

Reasons to grown own weed

Cannabis growing has become more widespread as it becomes increasingly acceptable in society. Many users are open to growing their own as information becomes more accessible online and in different formats.

Here are some of the reasons you might want to grow your weed;

  • Full-control

There is a feeling of satisfaction that comes with smoking your weed. You are always sure of all the components you are consuming.

Growing allows you control right from choosing the seeds to the germination until smoking. You will understand all the growth aspects like soil type and fertilizers. Growing thus sets you up to determine the weed quality.

  • Affordability

Growing weed comes with various initial costs like seeds and nutrient purchasing. You will, however, recoup this money within your first few harvests.

The constant weed supply means you don’t spend any money on purchasing and delivering the weed from the dispensary. With time you will also master how to reduce expenses while maximizing produce for your weed growing venture.

  • There’s fun growing your weed.

One of the reasons why most weed users stick to growing weed once started is the fun. Farming for a long time turns into a hobby more than a duty. The challenges become motivational while the harvest means much more.

In the end, you might treat the weed like any other house flower or crop. The more you tender to the plants, the more they produce.

Reasons to buy weed from a dispensary.

Just like growing their weed, some users prefer to purchase from dispensaries. Instead of facing the growing struggles and waiting for harvest and preparation, they would instead search Dispensaries near me online. They would have the weed within a few clicks.

Some of the reasons to buy weed from dispensaries include;

  • Assured high quality

Even though there is a lot of information on growing weed, it takes time to master the process. Licensed dispensaries, however, get products from experienced growers without errors. The dispensary products are expertly produced, harvested, and packaged.

  • Abundance and variety

No matter how skilled you are at growing, you can only plant a limited variety of weeds. Dispensaries, on the other hand, sell various weed strains depending on your needs. Even though there might be purchasing limits, you can visit multiple stores.

  • Legality

Various state laws are not clear on home-growing weed provisions. Medical dispensaries, however, operate in line with state laws. You are sure you are buying something legal from the dispensary.

Final Thoughts on Buying weed from dispensary versus growing your own

With the pros of both growing and buying weed, it’s tricky to settle on one. Growing allows you complete control, abundance, and fun.

Buying, however, comes with assured legality. Given the lack of transparent laws on home growing weed, opt for the safer buying from a dispensary.

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