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Combatting Acne & Living Clean

Acne is a common skin condition that can cause more than just a minor inconvenience. Everyone gets pimples, especially during adolescence, but some people deal with acne all throughout their life, which means there could be more going on underneat the surface of your skin. Acne can also bring on social and psychological issues as well. Numerous studies have shown links between acne and low self-worth, depression, anxiety, and even thoughts of suicide in extreme cases.

The following infographic, Living With Acne: Causes, Prevention & Coping created by Venus Treatments, brings with it a brief overview of acne: the possible causes, personal effects, lifestyle changes that could aid in acne’s supression, and how to avoid aggravating the condition further.

To read more on how to fight your acne, please see the provided guide.

Visit Venus Treatments’ website for more information on acne treatment

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