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EHS: 6 Effective Ways to Enhance Workplace Safety

Every business owner must be proactive about promoting health and safety by creating awareness and designing safety programs. The well-being of your employees will determine their productivity level to a great extent.

Employees often encounter different risks day in and out. Truth be told, there is hardly any industry without health risks, even if you’re working remotely. Hiring Cornerstone environmental health and safety consultants is the key to ensuring that you adhere to safety regulations.

Here are six powerful ways to make your workplace safer.

1.   Be observant

Most times, the signs we ignore can balloon to serious issues. However, it will be easier to mitigate the risks if tackled on time. Recognize the common hazards in your field and company and steer clear of actions that can trigger them. You will be protecting all your assets once you take this approach.

Encourage your employees to take regular breaks so that they can be more alert to their surroundings. More so, this can help to avoid burnout which is a contributing factor to sustaining injuries.

2.   Get your employees involved

Assign responsibilities to key players in each department to ingrain safety into your company’s culture. As you integrate safety programs, be clear about the goals you want to achieve with them. Consider having a different set of parameters for evaluating safety in your workplace.

It’s imperative to share your safety objectives with everyone, and key players should have a great sense of accountability. You can offer initiatives for employees who adhere to safety guidelines. However, it’s advisable to do this in moderation.

3.   Carry out adequate training

When you prioritize safety programs, it shows that your company is socially responsible and can meet deadlines. Besides, your employees are bound to work in sound health. That said, ensure that they undergo safety program training that suits their positions and make safety information easily accessible.

4.   Adopt a safety culture

One sure way of making safety an intrinsic part of your company’s culture is to make arrangements for first aid training for the entire workforce. Certain situations can be inevitable, but it’s ideal to prepare for them.

It’s the role of every team member to embrace a safety culture regardless of the task they handle. Once safety becomes a tradition, new employees will find it easier to adjust.

5.   Encourage sound communication

Most people won’t hesitate to inform the supervisor whenever they face a risky situation if they work in a conducive environment. These supervisors are saddled with the responsibility of providing a safe environment.

It’s common for employees to battle with high stress levels when they work in a tense environment. Chances are you will likely skip some things, so it’s ideal to encourage them to speak up and share their ideas or concerns.

6.   Invest in the right tools

Ensure that you invest in ergonomic furniture in your company. This will help your employees steer clear of back issues. This type of furniture also helps to maintain a good posture. Lower your chances of encountering work-related injury by using the right tool and gear for each task.

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