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Everything you need to know about laser hair removal

Are you planning to get laser hair removal in Calgary? Well, this guide is for you! We understand it can be difficult to get ready for this procedure, which is why we asked our experts to share their insights. Next, you’ll find out everything you need to know about laser hair removal! Let’s see how you can get ready today to start your journey towards smoother skin!

Remove your hair before your appointment.

The first thing you should know about laser hair removal is that you need to shave before your initial appointment. Our experts say that it is best to remove your hair 24 hours before your treatment. This will enable better skin contact and will help you achieve faster results.

Avoid waxing between sessions.

Even though our experts recommend removing your hair, you should know that this implies shaving. Waxing or tweezing isn’t recommended, as it will impede the laser hair removal treatment from providing the intended results.

Use the services of a professional

Laser hair removal Calgary is all about having a licensed and trained professional performing the procedure. So, it is best to avoid unknown individuals with shady backgrounds. If the laser hair removal procedure is done inadequately, you risk serious skin problems, including heightened sensitivity.

Don’t think about it as a pain-free solution to remove your hair.

Many people truly believe that laser hair removal is pain-free. But since a hot, sharp zap is applied to your skin, you should expect some discomfort and pain. After all, your skin’s pain receptors will be challenged during the procedure. Keep in mind that if you’re opting for this procedure for your upper lip, you should be prepared for serious discomfort. This is one of the most sensitive areas of the body.

Don’t worry if your skin is swollen after the treatment.

A common outcome of laser hair removal is swollen skin. It is ok for this to happen immediately after the procedure, and it indicates your hair follicles were affected by the laser. On average, this will last up to 48 hours. Afterward, your skin will start regaining its initial appearance.

There is no universal result.

Since our bodies are different, results vary from individual to individual. This is a treatment that can be personalized depending on the area you’re treating. Still, the type of hair or skin sensitivity can make it difficult for some people to get rid of their hair.

There’s a need to avoid sunbathing.

As your technician will indicate, it is best to avoid sitting in the sun if you’re undergoing laser hair removal. This procedure impacts the hair’s pigment, making your skin more susceptible to sunburns and long-term skin damage.

There are distinct lasers for each skin type.

Based on your skin type, you’ll notice that your technician will use a different device. Some lasers come with a cooling system, while others use a short wavelength, excellent for light skin types.

The bottom line

So, if you’re interested in laser hair removal in Calgary, these are some of the facts you should know. It will take some time, but in the end, you’ll be able to enjoy hair-free skin!

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