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Home Remedies for Glowing Skin

Majority of the ingredients you need for home remedies such as honey and lemon are available in your kitchen. Some of these are also very good for your appetite and help you improve your skin’s health. However, in case you cannot incorporate them in your diet, you can always make face packs and scrubs to use at home.

Home remedies for glowing skin

  • Turmeric and honey

Turmeric is that one spice that has several benefits for your skin. It has strong antioxidant properties, thanks to the curcumin in it. Curcumin allows the spice to give your skin a fresh glow, and also works as an anti-aging treatment. There are many ways to apply turmeric, but the most effective is to use it with honey.

So, why honey? Honey is another every-day ingredient that has incredible benefits for your skin. It is already used for many other beauty purposes, such as for facial hair removal and lip scrub. Honey works as a moisturizer for dry skin. For better and fast results, you can start consuming honey in your daily diet:

Here is how you can use turmeric and honey for your skin:

  • One teaspoon of turmeric powder
  • Half teaspoon of honey, just enough to mix well with the powder and make a paste
  • Apply the mixture on dry and clean face
  • Leave on for 15 to 20 minutes, clean with warm water or with a soft towel

Turmeric and honey can also be used in a mixture including around ½ a tablespoon yogurt.

  • Aloe vera

Aloe vera comes in many forms now. You can find a variety of brands selling bottled aloe vera gels, so you don’t really have to worry about where to get it from. However, the best way to use aloe vera on your face is to extract it in its fresh form from the plant. These plants are very easy to take care of, and are also easily available at an affordable rate. Keeping a fresh plant at home will be much more cost efficient than buying bottled products. Plus, the plant makes a great addition to your home’s décor too!

Here is how to apply aloe vera gel on your face:

  • Cut a 3 to 4 inch chunk from the plant
  • Trim out its spikes with a knife, and also peel off the top hard layer to bring out all the gel inside
  • Massage the gel from the leaf on your face directly for about 10 minutes
  • It is better to keep the gel in the fridge so that it can get colder

Aloe vera does not only give a glowing skin, but also has soothing properties that calm irritation and inflammation on your skin. You can also massage aloe vera after waxing or for soothing a zit.

  • Baking soda

We spend too much money on face scrubs, exfoliators and branded facial cleansers to get rid of dead skin build up. But a simple ingredient sitting in our kitchen is all we need. Baking soda is the best, natural and most cost-friendly exfoliator you can get. Its antibacterial properties and rough texture work incredibly well on dead skin, along with its capability to balance out the pH levels.

There is a simple way to use baking soda on your face:

  • Mix one teaspoon of baking soda with a few drops of water
  • Mix the two ingredients well and make a semi-thick paste
  • Apply it on your face with your finger or with the back of the spoon
  • Once its set, use your hands to massage the paste across your face in circular motions
  • Wash with warm water once done

Baking soda can be messy to use on your face, so avoid doing it with nice clothes on or on your dressing table. Instead, use it while standing over a sink.

  • Rose water

Toners are a must-do step in any skincare regime. If you are frustrated of listening to different influencers and makeup gurus recommending expensive branded toners, you can switch to rose water for a glowing, clear skin. It is known for balancing pH level and also cleanses the skin.

You can use rose water in the following manner:

  • Dab a sufficient amount of rose water on a cotton ball
  • Dab the cotton ball thoroughly on your face, along with your neck
  • To finish off, you can spray some rose water on your face and press the droplets on your skin with your palms

Do this step every night before bed.

Tips and cautions for home remedies

  • Test patch first

Since most of the ingredients mentioned above are free of chemicals, there are less chances of these ingredients will react with your skin. However, people can have many allergies that they are not aware of, or any different kind of skin condition that does not allow the use of these ingredients. So, test these ingredients either at the back of your hand, or a small patch on the side of your neck.

  • Use a thorough cleanser

While you may want to keep your skincare low-key and budget friendly, don’t hesitate in investing a good quality cleanser. Cleansing your face after applying these ingredients is very important, as any residue build up can worsen your skin.

  • Sunscreen is a must

No matter how many home remedies you try on your face, if you dont protecting your skin from direct sunlight, you are not doing enough. A 30+ SPF sunscreen is a very important thing you need to apply on your face daily.


We watch all kinds of shows, films and entertainment content on our AT&T DIRECTV service channel lineup. All celebrities and actors we see on screen use high-end surgeries and cosmetic treatments to make their skin look like that. However, to achieve that kind of glow, you can try out home remedies on a strictly regular basis and really see evident results. The key is to keep using the remedies on a regular basis, and wait for the results patiently.

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