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How To Choose The Best Hair Transplant Doctor In Delhi NCR?

NCR regions are the surrounding regions of Delhi which have easy access to Delhi and are fast emerging with factories and IT sector. The population is also on high rise in NCR regions as people seeking jobs in Delhi stay usually in these regions because of availability of the flats and bit cheaper cost of living. The medical facilities are definitely ramping up in these cities but because of easy access people prefer visiting the reputed centres in Delhi for the advanced medical care.

The NCR cities are facing high demands of the cosmetic procedures as the aesthetic awareness among people is rising but the hair transplant services in NCR region is not that advanced as hair transplant in Delhi. Most of the hair transplant clinics in NCR regions are semi professional and focus more on discounts and marketing rather than quality treatment like few of the world class hair transplant clinics in Delhi.

NCR regions have easy access to travel to Delhi and are very conveniently connected. Delhi is hot spot for the hub of the reputed hair transplant clinics where you can trust to have successful hair transplant. Despite the best quality hair transplant treatment the hair transplant clinics in Delhi offers affordable treatment.

Medispa hair transplant clinic is among the pioneers of the hair transplant world that has revolutionized the treatment and provided the excellence in this field. We are the best and the biggest team of hair transplant across the nation that has been providing the consistent and successful hair transplant outcomes.

Dr Suneet Soni is the best hair transplant doctor in Delhi who has created more than 5000 successful hair transplant stories which can give you enough reasons to choose him as your hair transplant surgeon.

Basic hair transplant procedure

The hair transplant procedure involves the extraction of the hair grafts from the donor areas that is chosen based on the permanency of the hair roots and are then transplanted at the desired bald area. The transplantation of such permanent hair grafts offers permanent outcomes. The permanency of the hair transplant results has made it an ultimate solution to hair loss issue.

Dr Suneet Soni definitely qualifies all the criteria that are looked for choosing the best hair transplant doctor. The best hair transplant doctor can be selected by looking at the following parameters which include:

  1. Academic educational qualification of hair transplant surgeon: One of the biggest thumb rules to follow while selecting your hair transplant doctor is selection of a highly qualified hair transplant surgeon. High educational qualification ensures the sound content knowledge and providing a safe hair transplant. For a successful hair transplant you should consult MCh hair transplant surgeon which is authorised certified to perform the procedure. ]
  2. Experience: Experience of the hair transplant surgeon should be genuinely checked as it ensures practised hands and safe procedure. Both factors of years of practise and number of cases performed should be checked in order to check the quality of the surgeon.
  3. Clinical infrastructure: Infrastructure of the hair transplant clinic should be essentially checked which definitely aids in ability and efficiency of the hair transplant surgeon. The newer advanced techniques, latest technology, high précised equipments and well trained experienced staff is what is essential in delivering the world class hair transplant services.
  4. Single doctor clinic to be chosen over branded clinics: Today is the world of brands and corporate clinics that are very showy. But in case of hair transplant tit might not be the right choice as this is not the procedure which offers the overnight results. The hair transplant clinics employs staff and surgeons which keep on replacing which might become disappointing when it happens during the process of your hair transplant and you have to meet another hair transplant surgeon.  You mostly choose the hair transplant surgeon based on the previous patient’s gallery and if the doctors keep on changing you cannot be sure of the gallery as they might or might not be the cases performed by the current hair transplant surgeon you are about to choose.
  5. Not cheaper but cost effective: In the present times you might see many hair transplant clinics offering huge discounts and selling their practises based on the false promises. But you should be very cautious of these kinds of practises as the hair transplant is not something which can be performed in a salon. It is a précised surgical procedure which can only be safely performed under a highly qualified and experienced hair transplant surgeon.

Avoid the lure of choosing a cheaper hair transplant clinic as you might end up with disappointment and regret for lifetime even after spending a hefty amount. Better go for a safe option and prioritise your search based on the above listed factor by keeping your budget in mind rather than just going for the cost.

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