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How to Stay Committed to Your Fitness Goals?

If getting healthy has been in your New Year resolutions for quite some time then it’s a high chance you sit down, commit and get it done realistically. But how are you going to keep on track? Let’s dive deep on a few possibilities:

  • Surround Yourself with Inspiration

You can’t wait for inspiration to visit you. You need to go after it. Saying that, inspiration isn’t just found on Instagram or any other social media platform. It is believed by many fitness mentors that in a balanced approach to health, fitness, well-being and life, the right kind of social connections matter. In the case of fitness you can’t do it alone. You need people to cheer you on with every small step.

If you’re an active member at a premium fitness center, it’s time to befriend a few good friends and join an intense session together and you’ll never know you might enjoy it. And maybe after the classes are over, join your mates over coffee or at the club after work too. Having these kinds of friends will put you in perspective about what you really need to do after a hard day;s work. If they’re hitting the gym you will want to do too. And there’s nothing harmful in that.

  • Break Down Your Exercise in Small Steps

It happens. There are times when you might feel scared or overwhelmed by everything that you want to do and accomplish in a short period of time. But guess what, it’s possible. You can start small and celebrate those small achievements. The more small steps you have it’s easier and doable to where you want to get. You can start with 10-15 burpees a day and then increase your speed and beat gradually up the fitness ladder. Because nothing can be achieved overnight. It takes time but with consistency.

  • Prioritise Your Training

It can be hard but do it anyway. If you’re one of those early birds in the morning it’s a great time to get your body to work on your fitness goal for the day. You will be able to focus deeply because of less sounds and socialising with people in your area. If you’re lazy, then you’ll need to really get to work by prioritising  your training, wake up early, have a good healthy breakfast and make the time to just get it done. A guarantee that you’ll feel fantastic to have the rest of your day ahead with training already complete. Waking up with the right mentality for a productive will be greater than lazing around feeling guilty about not getting enough sleep.


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