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Premed Advisors – What You Need To Know

In some universities, freshmen are each paired with premedical advisors who help them make important decisions during the program and prepare their college curriculum. Working with a Premedical advisor can positively influence your path to joining medical school. And by using a med school calculator, you can identify areas that you need to work on to increase your success rate.

Other med schools let students choose advisors in specific departments after they’ve selected their major. If you choose some of the best medical schools in the country, then you’ll have access to advisors who are known as premedical advisors or pre-health advisors during your premed. Even then, you should keep in mind that working with an advisor can help you, but it’s your responsibility to get yourself into a professional school.

Use all the resources that your premedical advisor has to offer

After your search is over and you’ve found a good pre-health advisor, whether in person or online, be sure to use their resources, ask them for advice, and check with them to ensure you’re doing all you should be.

Only find a pre-medical advisor you trust

Consider switching advisors if you aren’t happy with the one you’ve been paired up with. You shouldn’t feel bad about having to fire your current pre-med advisor if you don’t mesh. Keep in mind that your advisor isn’t there as a friend. Your advisor is there to offer you guidance. Therefore, if you aren’t comfortable with this person, then you should consider finding someone else.

If you aren’t happy with your pre-health advisors, consider finding one advisor online

As you look for another advisor be sure to consider the services they offer in addition to general premed advice. To get the most of any advisor online, get one that offers several advising services like application cycle coaching, mock interview prep, or even personal statement courses. Make sure you check all the services they offer.

You need to be your biggest supporter

If you’d like to join a medical school, then only you can make it happen. Realize that advisors are resources, and you’re the applicant. If you’re looking to go to law school, medical school, or business school,  you have to be your own biggest supporter. Realize that your premedical advisor could be assigned to several other students who want to join a medical school. Even then, you should work hard so you succeed in your studies and score well on your MCAT as well as get good recommendation letters. Although your college advisor is your main supporter, you still have to rely on yourself first.

Above all, remember that all advisors are different and each offers different resources for all students applying to a med school. Typically students receive regular feedback along with help with planning their studies from their premedical advisors. Also, students are provided with clear guidance on the selection of their undergraduate course, MCAT studying tips, and even interview resources once they start preparing for the interviews. As you go to med school the most important thing to do is to have a backup plan for when things don’t go as planned.

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