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Real facts about hemp oil consumption

Hemp is yet to be widely known among common people as it is slowly getting legalized in some parts. However, several studies are proving the claimed benefits of hemp oil that ensures popularity sooner than expected. Hemp oil is nothing but the oil extracted from either hemp seeds or hemp plants. Almost all parts of the plants are used to produce this type of oil. Since the parental species is cannabis, the oil will contain the various elements that are present in cannabis plants. For instance, CBD and THC are the two popular constituents of cannabis plants. Hemp oil is majorly known for its CBD content. If you want to try hemp oil, you can go to https://synchronicityhempoil.com/product-collections/ and buy something. Before that, it will be advisable to go through the following facts about hemp oil consumption.

Hemp’s benefits are yet to be proven

Hemp oil is known for a range of health benefits that are not scientifically proven yet. So, it is advisable to consume only with a prescription.

Hemp oil in consumer’s health

The following are some of the findings of studies that are yet to be proven.

  • Hemp oil helps in the activation of serotonin that is a neurotransmitter in our brains. If the level of serotonin is less, you would start experiencing some mental issues. For instance, you could not concentrate well and you could not even sleep well. However, hemp oil interacts with these receptors to give you some relaxation.
  • If you are struggling with inflammation, you can try hemp oil to get relief.
  • Some studies prefer the use of hemp oil to get faster relief from physical pain. Usually, athletes would use hemp oil for faster and better recovery.
  • If you have skin issues like acne or something similar, you can see better results with the help of topical hemp oil.

Apart from these benefits, studies claim a range of other benefits too. However, you should try a sample before consuming regularly.

Hemp oil will not make you high

You would have seen people consuming cannabis products like marijuana getting high. It is because of the presence of a psychoactive component called THC. However, the levels of THC will be zero or close to zero in hemp oil. So, you will not get affected with a high.

Hemp oil could cause skin irritation

Although it is not for everyone, some users of hemp oil have reported skin irritation after consuming hemp oil.

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