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When Are Dental Implants Necessary?

Tooth loss is just not a cosmetic issue. Many patients do not know this. Missing teeth not only affect the overall dental health of the patient but also create a hindrance in their day to day activities. They have to change their chewing habits and the way they talk. Without the tooth root, there are chances of the jaw shrinking, weakening and even causing shagging of lips and cheeks.

Dental implants are the exacting solution for replacing missing teeth. Patients should consider St. Heliers dentist for getting dental implants. They are highly qualified and experienced. Moreover, they provide the best personalized dental care using the best technologies.

5 Reasons When Dental Implants Are Necessary

1.Missing Or Chipped Teeth

Dental implants give a very natural look of teeth to the patients. No one except for the patient and the dentist shall detect the difference between the implanted tooth and natural tooth. Replacing missing and chipped teeth with dental implants is considered the best option as it enables the patient to eat, talk and live their lives just like the way they led when they had natural teeth.

2. Dentures Don’t Fit Properly.

It is seen that dentures do not fit properly and cause pain and discomfort. On the contrary, dental implants are a way better option as it gives the patient the ability to live their lives just like they lived when they had natural teeth. Dental implants help those patients who suffer from the improper fitting of dentures. Dental implants also help in preventing gum irritation and reduce discomfort.

3. A Sign Of Infection

A patient can have an infection in their tooth because of disease, injury. In any case, the infection gets worse, and the patient can visit dentist St. Heliers for treatment. They keep updated knowledge and technology to improvise on the safety and comfortability of the patient. Dental implants shall not only relieve the pain of the patient, but they will also prevent any serious health problems.

4. Deterioration Of Jaw Bone

A patient who has missing teeth shall experience deterioration of the jawbone. A dental implant in such cases helps in replacing the structure of the tooth and stops the further recession of the jawbone. Without an implant, there are chances for additional jaw problems, leading to tooth loss. A dental implant helps stabilise the jaw and stops the further progression of this issue.

5. Sinking In Of The Face

When a patient faces a caved-in appearance of its facial structure, it is a sign that they should undergo a dental implant. The sinking of the skin can cause bone loss from missing teeth. This problem is very common for patients who wear dentures. Dentures do not promote the growth of the bone u like implants. Dental implants give a natural lift to the face and provide a more youthful look to the patients.

The Bottom Line

Dental Implants are more realistic and durable. The best implantation surgery at dental implants NZ provides a permanent solution to oral health problems.

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