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Reason for taking vitamin C:

We need to take vitamin c because our body cannot produce vitamin c on its own,which is very beneficial for our body. The main thing is that it reduces the risk of heart disease. In addition, vitamin C helps our body maintain normal pressure nowadays.

Vitamin C needs in Adults:

 Every adult is suffering from high and low blood pressure problems; if you take vitamin c daily, it will help you keep it regular.

Vitamin C for Tissues:

Vitamin C is required for tissue development and repair throughout the body. Vitamin C is necessary for our skin, tendons, ligaments, and blood vessels to be all made up of this essential protein. Vitamin c has required the treatment of wounds, wounds are healed, and scar tissue is formedquickly.

Need in body repairment;

The significant capacity of vitamin c (ascorbic corrosive) in injury recuperating is aiding the development of collagen, the main protein of connective tissue. Vitamin C, a water-solvent nutrient found in water-filled food sources, disintegrates in water and is shipped in the circulatory system.

Vitamin C for Bones:

 Vitamin C is required to maintain strong bone formation and in repairing cartilage, bones, and teeth. Due to all these benefits of vitamin C, the human body need to take these vitamins daily. One of the main reasons individuals take vitamin c enhancements is to support their immune system, as vitamin C is associated with numerous resistant frameworks.

Vitamin C essential for Blood:

To begin with, vitamin C supports the creation of white blood cells, which helps to save the body againstcontamination and boosts the body’s immunity.It may accumulate and crystallize in the joints at high concentrations.  Interestingly, vitamin C has been proven in numerous studies to help the Blood in lower levels of uric acidand, as a result, protect against gout episodes.In addition, high blood vitamin C levels decrease the risk of heart diseases and early death; vitamin C supporters construct connective tissue that upholds and interfaces various tissues and organs in the body.



Leafy foods are the primary source of vitamin C. we can get a high amount of vitamin C by eating different kinds of fruits and vegetables; some of them are given below:

  • Vitamin C natural products/fruits like oranges and grape, red and green pepper, and all of the juices of these citrus fruits have a lot of nutrients.
  • Different goods which grow on the ground like grapes, strawberries, melon, heated potatoes, and tomatoes are the primarysources.
  • Some food varieties and drinks are braced with vitamin C. we can quickly get these fruits by drinking different fresh juices.

Dietary supplements containing vitamin C may interfere with cancer therapies like chemotherapy and radiation. It’s unclear if vitamin C has the unintended consequence of shielding cancer cells againstmany other diseases and other harmful illnesses. Before the high intake of vitamin see you should concern with a doctor first if you are being treated for cancer.


In the world, nutrient C lack is remarkable. Scurvy can happen in individuals who burn through almost no nutrient C (under 10 mg each day) throughout an all-encompassing time. Exhaustion, gum disturbance, minuscule red or purple patches on the skin, joint distress, helpless injury mending, and wine tool hairs are, for the most part, indications of scurvy. Different symptoms of scurvy incorporate despairing, growing, and draining gums, and tooth relaxing or misfortune. Scurvy patients may likewise foster pallor. If not treated, scurvy can be destructive.

People with high confirmations of nutrient C from verdant food varieties may have a lower danger of getting various threatening development, similar to lung, chest, and colon illness. In any case, taking nutrient C improvements, with or without various cell fortifications, doesn’t seem to safeguard people from getting dangerous development. It’s not sure whether taking high bits of nutrient C is valuable for hazardous treatment.

 Nutrient C’s effects appear to depend upon how the patient oversees it. Oral portions of nutrient C can’t raise blood levels of nutrient C almost as high as intravenous doses given through implantations. On the other hand, two or three investigations in animals and test tubes show that high blood levels of nutrient C may drawback tumors. However, more research is relied upon to choose if high-parcel intravenous nutrient C helpers treat people harmfully.

Nutrient C dietary upgrades and diverse cell defenses may connect with chemotherapy and radiation therapy for danger. Therefore, people treated for threatening development should visit with their oncologist before taking nutrient C or other disease avoidance specialist supplements, especially in high bits.

AMD and waterfalls are two of the most widely recognized reasons for vision misfortune in the old. However, specialists accept that nutrient C and different cell reinforcements don’t influence the danger of creating AMD. Nonetheless, proof shows that joining nutrient C with other supplements may help postpone the development of AMD.


We need vitamin c is that it is very beneficial to our health; it prevents many diseases like the common cold. Although supplement C has been utilized as a treatment for the regular cold for quite some time, research shows that it doesn’t decrease the danger of getting the basic cold in the vast majority. Individuals who take nutrient C enhancements consistently, then again, may have marginally more little colds or milder indications when they do get a virus. Taking nutrient C pills after the beginning of cold symptoms doesn’t give off an impression of being useful. A person can be treated with vitamin c if he is suffering from fever.


Take high doses of vitamin C can be harmful to our body. For example, an excessive amount of nutrient C can cause loose bowels, sickness, and stomach cramps. In addition, in individuals with a condition called hemochromatosis, which makes the body store excessive iron, high portions of vitamin C could beat iron over-burden and harm body muscles.

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