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Why Your Mood Is So Important to Your Health

Bad moods can really drag you down, we’ve all been there. But did you know they also have the ability to physically affect your health? Your mood can be incredibly important to your overall health, by why? How does it affect it?

Mood Related Fatigue

Bad moods aren’t just annoying, they’re also physically exhausting. There is a reason that people suffering from anxiety and depression seem so tired all the time… their bodies are constantly at war with themselves. 

When you are undergoing periods of stress, your body is constantly triggering its fight or flight response. To keep your body ready for either of those options, your brain releases chemicals like cortisol and adrenaline to keep your heart rate and blood pressure high so you can act quickly in response to the trigger. This is great in the short term say, if you were battling a bear, but over time they really do wear down the system. 

This leads to feeling exhausted all of the time. Unfortunately, not having the energy to perform normal functions of life can create its own anxiety and depression, furthering the cycle and wearing you down even more. Combating that with exercise, chewable mood supplements to support the brain and body, and a healthy diet can help.

Mood Related Sleep Problems

Mood can also negatively affect your ability to get quality sleep at night. We all know that a poor night’s sleep can cause you to be in a bad mood the next day, but most people don’t know that sleep can also be affected by your mood.

Anxiety naturally increases the body’s natural state of arousal, that is, how much it is paying attention to the world around it. When your body is in a state of awareness and is ready to jump into fight or flight with the slightest provocation, it can make it incredibly hard to fall asleep. People with anxiety are likely used to laying in bed at night, staring at the ceiling, with thoughts racing through their heads. They just can’t shut their brains off long enough to fall asleep. 

It works similarly when it comes to staying asleep. Although you may have been successful shutting your brain off enough to fall asleep, your body is on high alert. That means that the slightest change in temperature or noise can cause you to wake up, likely with your heart racing. Your brain sees everything as a trigger, even when you’re asleep.

Mood Related Physical Health

In addition to causing fatigue and sleep problems, mood also has the potential to drag down your immune system. 

Over time, the increase in cortisol and adrenaline that is required to keep your body alert for the  potential danger your brain is unnecessarily warning you about takes a toll on your body. Because your body is so focused on those specific systems, it is less concerned with keeping up your immune system.

That leads to a decrease in the health of your immune system and an increased likelihood that you will be susceptible to all of those nasty viruses and bacteria that are out there. It simply just doesn’t have the energy for all of that at the same time. Chewable mood supplements, as well as Vitamin C, can help counteract some of those effects. 

In some cases, chronic mood related issues can also work in the opposite direction. A heightened immune system, if triggered, can attack the body the same way that it would attack a foreign invader. This can lead to an increase in the risk of certain autoimmune disorders like multiple sclerosis, arthritis, and psoriasis. 

To help support both the mind and the body support itself, try chewable mood supplements. They can help return your body to a state of calm and relaxation, so that it can do what it does best… taking care of you.

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