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Activities You Do Everyday That Hurt Your Lower Back

Pain in your lower back happens to be one of the most common ailments right now, irrespective of age. While it is inevitable in people suffering from old age, it is complaints of the youngsters that catch us off guard. If you still do not think that the causes lie in your daily lifestyle, then you are gravely mistaken.

You will be surprised but the most common causes of lower back pain lie in your daily habits, the way you go about your life each day. It could be because of that heavy backpack on your shoulders, or it could be because you had been sitting in front of a computer screen for too long.

As scary as this might sound, tiny corrections in your daily routine will immediately yield great results. But before that, it is important to know the probable reasons behind your lower back pain.

Carrying heavy weight

It is extremely harmful to carry any heavy weight with one hand because it might strain your muscles. Frequent breaks should be taken in between and the weight should be carried in such a way that it gets distributed uniformly. Similarly, utmost care must be taken while lifting or pulling weight. You should be in a proper sitting position before lifting anything. Just bending your back causes harm to your lower back muscles resulting in pain.

Staying in the same position

You might think sitting in the same position is equivalent to getting rest, but it makes your lower back muscles stiff, causing pain. Thus, make sure to walk around often. If that is not possible, then at least try switching between your positions. This reduces the stress on your muscles and makes you more productive at work.

Not following proper yoga

Yoga is the most common exercise which not only improves the condition of your body but also refreshes your mind. Yoga mainly involves stretching exercises. But, it also requires proper technique. Thus, doing it in the wrong way may cause more harm to your body than good. It is better to consult an expert before starting. Otherwise, you would end up with even more pain.


We are habituated with doing recreational activities in a position that we feel comfortable in. But this comfort provides us with temporary relief, causing long-term implications instead. We often tend to slouch while doing the most basic activities at home or while we are at work. Slouching puts pressure on the lower back muscles causing spasms. Thus, a healthier lifestyle involves practicing proper posture.

Using a soft mattress

While the idea of a soft mattress sounds very appealing, it is very unhealthy in reality. It provides the user with absolutely no comfort. Moreover, it may cause slight shifting of the spine which creates tension among the muscles of the lower back. But, the solution for this is not a mattress that is very hard. Such a mattress can also prove to be detrimental as it may cause serious injury to your back. Instead, you should opt for a mattress that is neither too soft, nor too hard.

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