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You are at your office or maybe at your workplace and your back suddenly hurts. You think it is because of the tiredness and burden from work so you let it pass. In a few days/weeks, you realise that the pain has spread from your back to your arms, neck and shoulders. But again, you let it slide thinking that you are getting old.

But, after a year, while you’re getting ready for your office in front of the mirror, you notice that your posture is bent- down and straightening your back aches. And then, you finally realise that there is no going back from here and you have seriously messed your posture up. As you can’t miss the office today, you keep the thoughts aside and reach at your desk in the office. Then, you look at the chair and get the flashbacks of the morning’s discoveries and curse the chair.

But, is it the chair that is at fault or is it you for making the wrong choice and not knowing what is going to fit your comfort level and long hours of working? It is probably you. It is your unawareness of what suits your comfort that is going to cause all kinds of health and postural issues. So, here I am to spread the concept of an Ergonomic chair and what features it provides to accessorize you with comfort and chic. You are definitely going to consider this chair as the one-stop solution to all your problems.


An Ergonomic chair is the chair that has a lot of features like: flexible seat height, adjustable arms support, accommodative seat depth, adjustable back-rest angle, backrest height adjustment, flexible Lumbar support, neck- support, customizable seat design and material, and quality casters.


  1. Flexible seat height- The height of the Ergonomic chair should be easily adjustable. How you figure the height out is that your feet should be touching the ground inflexibly while you are sitting in the chair.
  2. Adjustable arms support- Your chair should have a robust arms support system. You should be able to raise the arm support system at the height of the desk so it gets easier for you to work on the computer.
  3. Accommodative seat depth- Also known as seat sliding, this feature helps you adjust your hips on the seat comfortably. A rigid seat depth will not be accommodative for all body shapes and so, this feature is a must-have.
  4. Adjustable back-rest angle- There are two ways one can adjust the backrest handle. One is by a tilting backrest and the other is by a reclining backrest. A tilting backrest is more preferable as in the tilting mechanism, both the seat and the backrest change angles in as you lean back.
  5. Backrest height adjustment- The backrest of an Ergonomic chair should be height adjustable especially when a headrest is attached to it. This way, both your back and your head can fit to the seat providing the right support to your neck and shoulders.
  6. Flexible Lumbar support- Lumbar support comes in three types, fixed, adjustable and dynamic. Fixed is usually not preferred and dynamic is preferred over adjustable as it automatically adapts to your sitting posture.
  7. Neck-support- If you are someone who works for really long hours then neck is the part of your body that should be given vital support and focus. Neck-support of your chair should be adjustable.

These are a few features to look into amongst many. You can also pair your office chair with a Motorized standing desk.

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