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4 Must-Read Tips for New Recreational Marijuana Users

With the legalization of marijuana in some states, more pot stores have since come up. The numbers of new cannabis users have also risen significantly in recent years. According to the

2007 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, about 2.1 million individuals, used marijuana for the first time that year.

 However, the journey is never easy for first-timers. If staring out on recreational marijuana, there are various things to understand. And this ensures lesser effects and a better smoking experience.

Here’s what to know when using cannabis as a first-timer:

  1. Find a legitimate pot store.

Nowadays, you can get your recreational cannabis supplies from the legal Weed Dispensaries, whether online or physical stores. You want to be sure of the quality of the products. So, don’t make mistakes. Shop at accredited cannabis stores and avoid fake weed.

 How can I tell whether the cannabis store is reputable? The internet contains all sorts of information. Why not take advantage of this? Research about the dispensary to ascertain whether it’s licensed, the type of products, and the services offered. Also, check out customer feedback and reviews; the information will help you make an informed decision.

  1. Check your doses-Start slowly!

Marijuana has various effects, and all vary between users. The experience is also determined by the type of products and the amount taken. To determine how your body reacts to certain products, start slowly, and monitor the effects. This way, it will be easier to determine what works for you and what doesn’t.

  1. Know & Monitor the side effects

Marijuana is associated with various effects, which are mostly defined by the potency. Using products with high amounts of THC results in more effects. Cannabis can affect your

mood, coordination, ability to solve issues, and memory. In the long-term, the common effects are;

-Memory loss

-Changes in your brain structure

-Trouble at work, and more.

  1. Modes of administration-Get the facts right!

You can consume marijuana in many ways. The most common method is smoking. You can use a bong, pipe, or joint to smoke weed. During the process, the heat frees certain cannabis chemicals that you breathe in. There are also many other forms of marijuana; these include;

Edibles– These include food products like cookies, oils, capsules, or tinctures.

Vaporization: Vaporization compares to an e-cigarette. The vaporizer heats cannabis and discharges THC vapor without smoke. It’s less harmful to your lungs than smoking.

The method of administration determines how quickly your body absorbs the THC and reacts.

 Inhaled cannabis products proffer faster effects than ingestion. On the other hand, edibles work slowly and may take hours to generate the desired results. Don’t keep on adding the dosage; this can be dangerous due to high THC levels.

Final thoughts

Starting your cannabis journey may not be easy. Know the various cannabis products, dosages, and expected effects. Only acquire your products from an accredited Pot Shops. Also, ask the budtender all the questions that you may be having. Moreover, find out about the cannabis laws in your stare. You don’t want to get arrested for simple blunders that can be avoided.

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