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Common Questions Kids Have About Braces That Need To Be Answered

When we talk about braces, most of the adults get overwhelmed just with the thought. Imagine how kids would feel when your dentist will recommend Invisalign treatment or braces for an improved smile. Not every kid gets scared of it as those who are a bit young and understand its significance can’t wait to get their braces as they know how important for them to look good in their teen years. Others though worry about it a lot and have lots of questions. Let Invisalign specials McKinney TX handle their queries and answer them well so that they can happily accept the fact that Invisalign is essential for them.

Given below are some of the common queries that kids have about orthodontics treatment.

What Is The Best Age To Get Braces or Invisalign In Kids?

A common excuse every child makes when it is about getting braces – “let me grow up”. Parents need to understand that early investigation is necessary. You can take your child to an orthodontist at the age of 7 to evaluate the situation. The expert will be able to tell you about the specific treatment lie ahead for your child. Though the best age to get braces lies anywhere between 11-14 years. It is necessary to do an early treatment when your child has mixed dentition. The same rule applies to Invisalign treatment.

Is Getting Braces or Invisalign A Painful Process?

Initially, braces do hurt, especially when they are adjusted. But this pain gets reduced with time. Your dentist will reassure your child that he/she will come up with a plan to ensure there is no such pain and discomfort.

On the other hand, Invisalign follows a completely different process and involves no pain. It is just like a transparent cover or cap-like structure that is made after taking your dental model and puts pressure on your teeth. No pain or discomfort is caused due to Invisalign but it is costly as compared to braces.

Will Braces or Invisalign Affect Your Looks?

Most kids especially teenagers are concerned about their looks and get anxious if anything makes them stand out. It is the responsibility of parents to help their kids by sharing some good examples of how braces or Invisalign can help them change their looks. Tell them getting braces is incredibly common, and even if they are the first kid their age to get braces, there will be many more that will end up getting them, too.

Also, if your dentist suggests Invisalign treatment is ideal for your kid, then that there are no such looks issues as these don’t affect your looks at all as Invisalign is transparent.

How do I make an appointment with an orthodontist?

Making an appointment with an orthodontist or Invisalign specials McKinney TX is easy. Find an Orthodontist near you and you will find results in the form of:

  • Orthodontist’s name
  • Distance from your location
  • Street address
  • Office phone
  • Orthodontist’s website

Click the “Request an Appointment” button to send an e-mail to the orthodontist or you can call directly to the specialist on a given number.

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